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The Era of the True Creator
Allison Holley
Original Date: Thursday, August 30th, 2018

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The Era of the True Creator sheds light on the expanding spiritual consciousness that is occurring within a growing number of people in our present day. It is a guide to releasing old patterns of drama so that we can learn to exist clearly within the present moment, unifying our beliefs of duality and discovering our infinite nature. From here, our propulsion towards creation continues, but now it is true creation, stimulated through joy. This is a book of that will evoke an awakening of consciousness within the reader.

Allison Holley is a conscious channel, bringing forward the energies of divine love and unconditional joy for this beautiful time of awakening. She serves others through her guidance in discovering their life purpose, developing intuition, and knowing ecstatic states of being through various practices. Her life�s mission is to activate others into their highest expression of self: radiant, ecstatic creators. Being very present within the moment, Allison lives wherever she feels called to live, which at the time of publishing this book is Seattle, Washington in the US. Learn more at

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