Family Values: a Novel
Eric Newcastle, Author of Family Values
Original Date: Thursday, June 21, 7:30 pm

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Family Values is a compelling tale about a gay teenager who is found brutally assaulted and left for dead. What led to this event and how his family comes to terms with an act of violence is a story told over generations. In tone this novel is much like Jessamyn West's The Friendly Persuasion, set in the 21st century. Family Values demonstrates how the power of love and acceptance found in family can be transformative. It is about a family's struggle to find grace in the face of adversity. Family Values, Eric Newcastle.

Eric Newcastle has been writing small works of fiction for over twenty years. Family Values is his first novel, which took about ten years to complete. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Cal State Los Angeles and a Master's Degree from UC Riverside. Professionally, he has been a public school teacher, now in the process of retiring. He taught life science courses in both middle school and high school. In more recent years he acted as a mentor for gay and lesbian youth. His hobbies, aside from writing, include gardening, baking bread, religious studies, and travel. Eric Newcastle currently lives in rural Sonoma County, California, along with his lifelong partner Tom and their two dogs.

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