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Final Beginning: Musical Inspiration
Eki Shola, Musician & Physician
Original Date: Thursday, December 29, 2016

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As a physician, Eki Shola has witnessed how the physical and emotional manifestations of stress, fatigue and spiritual disconnection can adversely impact the ability to live an enriched, purposeful and fulfilled life. As a musician, her hope is to compose music that allows listeners to relax and ease the daily stressors of life. Tonight she will share with Many Rivers Books and Tea, a musical/literary performance, featuring essays she has written that highlight the inspiration and background behind the composition of her album, Final Beginning. Final Beginning reflects a journey triggered by grief and spurned by motivation for healing and spiritual growth. This musical venture concludes with the audible realization that life is about inner reflections and improvisational healing.

Playing piano since the age of 5, Eki Shola�s musical journey transitioned into a zone of healing, arising from a place of despair after experiencing the loss of my mother in 2012. She composed music because her soul depended on its therapeutic nature. A magical transformation of grief to hope slowly occurred as musical notes lifted her spirits and inspired her to live life. An artistic musical sound exploration that combines jazz, electronica, classical and soul resulted in the composition of an album, Final Beginning, which evokes a panoply of emotional responses. Final Beginning is a story about life after death.

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