Getting Real with Love
Rob Schmidt, Ph.D. Director, Tayu Meditation Center
Original date: Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Love means taking responsibility for what you give to others. But you'd never know that from most representations of how love is supposed to work. Song lyrics beg for love to be given, or complain that love has not been reciprocated. Movies and novels portray love as something that is negotiated like a commodity. These and other misconceptions about love exist in spiritual literature too. Rare indeed is the recognition that unchecked love requires the establishment of conditions in the heart that demand cultivation. Like an artesian spring, love gushes naturally under the proper conditions, but taking responsibility for creating those conditions commonly goes untaught. Join us for a discussion of the nature of love, and the conditions that open the heart to its highest potential.

Rob Schmidt directs Tayu Meditation Center, the owner and operator of Many Rivers. In his training with Tayu founder Robert Daniel Ennis, in books as unlike each other as God Is Gay and Archaeologies of Sexuality, and in his work with Tayu practitioners, he has long sought to embody an erotically-charged purity untainted by desire or selfish agenda.

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