The Ghost in the Machine: The Blasphemy of "Spiritual" Software
Jill Nephew, Founder and Creator,
Original Date: Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Jill Nephew spent 25 years devoted to a meditation practice to move past the more machine-like qualities of her interactions with the world. Well, in classic form, the universe got the last laugh and Jill found her life calling in exploring the spiritual side of (gasp!), software. In late 2009 Jill quit her job to invent Life Constellation, a software tool to help people explore, articulate and share their life wisdom. She was delightfully surprised when her early testers reported interacting with the software to be profoundly transformative. This opened Jill's eyes to the immense potential for people to self heal and for software to facilitate and even amplify this process. Join Jill as she explores questions such as, how do technological interventions differ from human interventions? What unique powers might technology bring to the healing process? What could facilitated self-healing teach us about the effective use of others in healing? And how can we incorporate traditional, rare and resource-intensive healing technologies into modern, highly available, affordable and scalable technologies?

Jill Nephew is the founder and creator of, an online tool for self exploration. She has been building software since 1997 and practicing self-observation based meditation since 1988.

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