Relationships in the Context of Spiritual Practice
Myosho Virginia Matthews, Rinzai Zen Nun
Original date: Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Whether engaged in relationship, searching for one, or going through the dissolution of one, committed relationships give form to our lives. In this talk we ask if spiritual practice may change or deepen commitment and shared experience. More than just "till death do us part," life partnership in the context of spiritual practice offers the promise of two people walking life's journey together through all the stages of physical attraction, romantic love, householder life, forest dweller stage, and finally into old age, sickness and death. We will consider whether, and to what extent, the qualities cultivated through spiritual practice—devotion, patience, acceptance, surrender and the dissolving of the small self—provide skillful means to sustain a lifelong commitment. Furthermore, what happens at the interface of householder life and the "home-leaving" practices of some Buddhist and Yogic teachings? No answers guaranteed—instead, let's bring our attention to these questions.

Myosho Virginia Matthews has been in a life partnership/marriage for 44 years and has engaged in a spiritual practice for 36 years with the Rinzai Zen Master Joshu Sasaki, Roshi who has always pointed the way to true relationship.

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