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Gold in Azure:
Russian Mystics, Visionaries, and Prophets of the 19th and 20th Centuries

John Suslov
Original Date: Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Russia's great spiritual tradition of Eastern Christianity had a cataclysmic encounter with modernity in the form of the Revolution of 1917. This talk will examine certain key concepts unique to Russia's mystical philosophers such as the doctrine of Beauty-Sophia, the concept of Godmanhood, and the role of freedom and creativity in the context of human and cosmic evolution. Refracted through our time and culture, these ideas shed new light on current spiritual, philosophical and political issues and debates. Particular emphasis will be given to the thought of Vladimir Solovyov, as the work of Dostoevsky, Berdyaev, Bulgakov, and many others, rests primarily on his shoulders.

John Suslov�holds a MA in Religion and Philosophy from Dominican University and is a former college instructor. He is interested in the revitalization of traditional Western forms of knowledge, culture and aesthetics. To that end, he has been involved in a long term cross-cultural project to reconstruct the symbolic language, concepts, and methods used by ancient societies and civilizations to encode their knowledge in the form of myth and initiatory text.

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