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Growing Inside Out, Cultivating Your Child's Inner Spark
Dianne Monroe, Inner Wilderness Guide
Original Date: Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Give your child the gift of growing, sourced from within. Dianne Monroe returns to Many Rivers to share her innovative, easy-to-use approach to nurturing children's inner growth and unique spark of brilliance (sometimes called soul gift or purpose). This presentation is for any adult who spends time with youth (as a parent, grandparent, teacher, counselor or in other ways) and anyone who wants to grow themselves more deeply—from the inside out. It is a synthesis of Dianne's 25 years of experience working with youth, and is rooted in Bill Plotkin's Nature and the Human Soul. This experiential evening includes an overview of the "Growing Inside Out Four Directions" model, a sample activity, with time for questions and dialog. You can download the free e-guidebook Growing Inside Out, Cultivating Your Child's Inner Spark by following the links on the homepage.

Dianne Monroe is Mentor, Facilitator and Inner Wilderness Guide with 25 years of experience creating and offering experiential and transformational programs and workshops with both youth and adults. Dianne's work with adults blends creativity, ceremony, Expressive Arts and deep nature connection to support others in the discovery and deep understanding of their soul purpose, and how the threads of their personal story are interwoven with the big story of our world.

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