Hair Pieces: Sonoma County Writing Practice Anthology
Margaret Caminsky-Shapiro, Teacher, Writer and Editor of Hair Pieces
Original date: Thursday, October 8, 2009

Download MP3 Audio File Here (11.6 MB)

Sonoma County Writing Practice is a community of writers who meet once a week to write and read together. Our writing springs from a jump-off line, and we write for about 10 minutes, writing as fast as our pens will allow. As writers we all write for different and similar reasons. Some of us want to write memoir, some to write fiction, some to write poetry and some because we love the art and craft of writing, placing words one after another along the thin blue line. It is from this rich place of writing, this source that the anthology Hair Pieces was born.

Margaret Caminsky-Shapiro teaches Writing Practice and along with two other writers, Nan Koontz and Marie Galletta, she created the anthology, Hair Pieces. Margaret was born and raised in South Africa and it is from this palette of life experience that much of her writing springs. Margaret loves to write memoir, prose, poetry and the occasional children's story. She teaches seasonal writing classes in Santa Rosa and writes about the life of the immigrant, the stretch from one continent to another.

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