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The Healing Power of Presence
JiHyang Padma, Ph.D., Buddhist Teacher and Author of Zen Practices for Transformative Times
Original Date: Thursday, September 3, 2015

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What helps Buddhist healers bring about healing? Presence makes it possible for the healer to truly make contact with the client, and to do their work. It supports the development of an ecosystem awareness, through which the client experiences a change of consciousness, and finds him/herself in the center of a sacred world, reconnected to all his/her relationships. My experience, as a spiritual teacher, is that we are all on a healing journey. May this talk serve as a pathmarker on that journey, helping the community to discover the inner resources that support optimum physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Ji Hyang Padma, Ph.D. has combined an academic career with her vocation as a spiritual teacher. Ji Hyang served as Director of Spirituality and Education at Wellesley College for 14 years, and served as a meditation teacher at Harvard University, Esalen Institute and Omega Institute. She has done intensive Zen training and teaching in Asia and North America for over 20 years, and served as Abbot of Cambridge Zen Center. She holds a doctorate in psychology from Sofia University. Her dissertation research focused on consciousness and healing within Buddhist practices. Ji Hyang's first book, Zen Practices for Transformative Times, was published in 2013. She is currently writing a second book based on her original research on consciousness and healing.

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