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Hiking the Quatrain Range:
An Evening of Poetry & Song

Jim Wilson, Poet, Religious Scholar, Many Rivers Co-Founder, and author of Hiking the Quatrain Range
Original Date: Thursday, October 1, 2015

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Quatrains are four-lined poems found in cultures all over the world. We find Quatrains in China, Persian/Iran, Wales, and countless other regions. There is something basic about these four-lined poems that speaks to people everywhere. These forms are intimately connected to song and express the spiritual understanding of these cultures in pithy, memorable, and insightful lyrics. Examples include Cold Mountain in China, Omar Khayyam in Persia, the Sufi Poets Hafiz and Rumi, and the Welsh Bards. Rooted in this heritage of poetry and song, Jim Wilson has written quatrains that are expressive of his own spiritual journey and understanding. Join us for an evening of poetry and song as we take a journey on a path through the Quatrain Range.

Jim Wilson is a former Buddhist Monk, has worked as a Prison Chaplain, and is currently a member of the local Quaker Meeting here in Sebastopol. He spends most of his spare time writing poetry.

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