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Honor Death
Rob Schmidt, Ph.D., Tayu Meditation Center teacher, and co-founder of Many Rivers Books & Tea
Original Date: Thursday, November 1, 2018

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We know how to revere and celebrate the dead. But do we ever honor Death itself in our death-phobic culture? Why have great spiritual adepts asserted that death itself can be a sacred friend to the living? How and why have other cultures configured thoughts about death differently from our own? What can turning toward the Mystery of Death teach? We know that Death is the inevitable end, and process, to which we will all surrender (willingly or unwillingly) the full measure of every contribution and accomplishment of our material lives. Is there something we ourselves can take from Death, that ultimate recipient of all we think we possess? In consideration of these questions, we dedicate this evening to Death, what we must give it and what it offers. The timing takes advantage of pagan and Christian liturgical calendars, since Samhain/Halloween is Oct. 31, Nov. 1 is All Saints (Hallows) Day, and Nov. 2 is All Souls Day. Join us to Honor Death as the spiritual friend through enacting rituals, meditating, and sharing relevant memories, prayers, poetry, and reflections.

Rob Schmidt studied and lived for 20 years with Tayu Meditation Center founder Robert Daniel Ennis, who initiated Rob into the Tayu tradition of offering readings for the dead. Rob received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in anthropological archaeology, a field that focuses upon the lives of the dead. He co-founded and helps run Many Rivers Books & Tea, and co-directs Tayu Meditation Center.

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