The I Ching and the Polar Complete Design
James Walker, Dharma Master of Il Bung Ch'an Buddhist Order
Original date: Thursday, June 24, 2010

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The Book of Changes embraces the essential meaning of the various situations of life: thus we are in a position to shape our lives meaningfully, by acting in accordance with order and sequence, and doing in each case what the situation requires. Like a part of nature, it waits until it is discovered. The use of the I Ching as a regular practice produces a polar complete view as result of the intuition exercised during the reading.

Jim Walker (Son Hae) is a Dharma Master of the Il Bung Ch'an Buddhist Order; Martial Arts Master, Korean National Martial Arts Order; he is a Founder of the Internal School in 1968 and ran the Blue Dragon Buddhist Temple and taught Chinese Boxing at the Creamery in Arcata from 1970-1977. He is also a former Physics Teacher and retired Aerospace Engineer.

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