In the Heart of Being: A Love Story
Alan Linsley, Co-Author of In the Heart of Being
Original date: Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Fate brings a man and a woman together. A startling discovery is held in recurring, haunting dreams that two people experienced long individually long before they meet. The merging of these dreams would shape the rest of their relationship. A routine surgery reveals a frightening discovery that leaves them fighting for the woman's life. Trust in the strength of their love helps them overcome a fatal disease. They begin to experience a normal everyday life together, filled with infinite possibilities and challenges. End of story?

Alan Linsley has been a Sonoma County resident for 35 years. It was here that he met Kathleen Wilson, and through their relationship that In the Heart of Being was born. Written in two voices, they wrote the first half of the book together. Alan had to finish the story without Kathleen. Tonight Alan will share his insights and the process by which this wonderful heartfelt book came into being.

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