The Indispensability and Uniqueness of the Baha'i Revelation
Arie Niernberger
Original date: Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Is religion relevant today, when humankind is facing problems of unprecedented character and scope with outbursts of religious fanaticism, and with clashes between fundamentalism and liberal thought adding to the challenges? To the extent that that we create our reality through our thoughts, surely we are also faced with the challenge to generate communal thoughts by which we create a united and peaceful world. God, the Eternal Essence, has always guided humanity through revelation, embodied in the lives and teachings of sacred messengers. Baha'is believe that this guidance is vouchsafed to us through Baha'u'llah at this time. His writings provide the foundational pattern of thought for human individuals and society. Bring your curiosity and questions, as we explore our destiny in light of the Baha'i teachings.

Arie Niernberger has been a member of the Baha'i Faith since 1985. He grew up Catholic in Germany and in his youth became a seeker in other spiritual traditions, philosophies, and with contemporary teachers and gurus. He came to the US in 1982 in pursuit of Taoist teachings. After accepting Baha'u'llah as the manifestation of God for this day and age Arie continued to also draw inspiration and understanding from other spiritual teachings, mainly from the Buddhist traditions. Arie remains fascinated by the history of religions. He believes that we are at a very special place in history, connected to all who became before us and preparing the path for those after us.

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