Insights Along the Way:
Poetry, Readings, and Anecdotes on Spiritual Life

Laura Duggan, Meditation Instructor and Author of An Inquiring Life
Original date: Thursday, August 5, 2010

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The spiritual path is not direct, nor is it predictable. It can be arduous or humorous, sedate or silly, snail's pace or high speed. In this evening gathering, Laura Duggan will share poetry, personal anecdotes and readings from some of her favorite texts, such as the Yoga Vasistha, Mullah Nasrudin, and others, to highlight the diversity of spiritual life. There will also be time for meditating together.

Laura Duggan is an avid meditator and champion of a contemplative life, and author of An Inquiring Life: Weekly Contemplations. She is a meditation teacher and student of Vedic and Buddhist philosophy, and director of the Freestone Retreat Center.

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