Inspiring Women and Girls to Love Themselves!
De'Anna Lam, Author of Becoming Peers—Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood
Original date: Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Most of us were not welcomed into adulthood in a meaningful or empowering way. As a result many women consider their periods "nuisance," "bother," or "the curse." Mothers vow to create a different experience for their daughters, only to find them rolling their eyes up and running away. What's wrong with this picture? This talk aims to empower mothers, or any woman with a special girl in her life, to heal her own relationship with her cyclicity, to become the role model she wishes her girl to witness, and to get comfortable with her girls' transition into womanhood. The evening will emphasize girls' rites of passage, yet will expand to include men's and boys' experiences. You will leave with a few steps you can take right away to start empowering yourself, and the youth in your life!

Speaker, coach, consultant, and author of Becoming Peers—Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood, DeAnna L'am has pioneered work with mothers and coming-of-age girls around the world for over 20 years. DeAnna has led Rites-Of-Passage work in Israel, her country of origin, where she led groups of Jewish and Palestinian women, helping participants surpass political and religious differences by recognizing their bond as cycling women.

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