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Jesus, Prophecy and the Ecstatic Dimension of Scripture: A Two Part Lecture and Celebration
Rev. Gaetano Salomone, M.A./M.Div., & John Suslov, M.A.
Original Date: Thursday, September 22 , 2016

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This evening�s shared presentation is an exploration into the primordial roots of the Bible and its forgotten origins in archaic spirituality. Gaetano will describe the evolution of prophecy from ecstatics like Elijah and Elisha, to the classical prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah and how these traditions grew and were transformed in Jesus� exorcisms and healings, Paul�s visions of the risen Christ and the Book of Revelation. John will discuss the use of Imagination and practices like discursive meditation and theurgy to facilitate an encounter with the hidden, symbolic dimensions of scripture. After a question and answer session, both speakers will perform a short ceremony of invocation using basic elements drawn from eastern Orthodoxy and western Catholicism, open to all. If you are interested in the connections between Christianity and world religion, the charismatic ministry of the early church and a creative, ecumenical approach to liturgy, then this event is for you.

Rev. Gaetano Salomone, M.A./M.Div. is a writer and independent priest in the Old Catholic tradition who conducts lectures on the Historical Jesus and Apocryphal Gospels. John Suslov, M.A. philosophy/religion, has a background in Eastern Orthodoxy and is interested in the linkages between ancient practices and modern life.

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