Satsang with Kenny Johnson: The Joy of Living in the Moment
Kenny Johnson, Spiritual Teacher and author of The Last Hustle
Original Date: Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Kenny writes: When we bring our awareness to the moment we are living and breathing, we then can see all of our resistance. As we stay in the moment of seeing we invariably land in this place of relief and joy. We will explore how we resist wanting to be in the moment we are living in.

Kenny Johnson founded This Sacred Space Foundation. He is the author of the excellent spiritual autobiography The Last Hustle. Kenny's book outlines the factors that led him into a life of recurrent crime and incarceration, and how yearning for inner freedom led him to read religious and spiritual books in prison, and eventually led to a fateful meeting with spiritual teacher Gangaji in prison that changed his life. Kenny now offers assistance to others in leaving behind the prison bars, tangible and intangible, real and metaphoric, that we interpret as the absence of freedom.

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