Kabbalah and Awakening
Dani Antman, Kabbalistic Healer and Interfaith Minister
Original date: Thursday, April 2, 2009

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The Jewish mystics use model of the kabbalistic Tree of Life to describe the journey of awakening. The Tree of Life describes a map of consciousness through which we can contemplate simultaneously our apparent separation and our ever present connection to the Divine Source. The state of equanimity is the pre-requisite to awakened consciousness in the Kabbalistic tradition. It is produced when we no longer split ourselves off from the opposing sides of life, and can hold opposites with equanimity. The Kabbalists teach us that when both pleasure and pain, love and hate, body and spirit can be held in our being with equanimity, there is access to a third state that brings us closer to divine presence. Using the array of divine attributes that comprise the Tree of Life we will begin to explore how we can find balance and equanimity in our own lives.

Dani Antman is a Kabbalistic healer, spiritual counselor and ordained Interfaith Minister. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and A Society of Souls, where she was a Senior teacher for 9 years. Dani now teaches Kabbalistic meditation throughout the US and Europe, and has a full time healing practice in Sebastopol.

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