Karma and Relationships: The Ties that Bind
Maitra, Clairsentient Psychic
Original date: Thursday, June 12, 2008

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This talk will explore how individual and group karma acts to affect all of our relationships, every day. It will help you understand when karmic affects are present and what can be done about them. You will see how you are already engaged in the process of the outworking of Karma and how consciousness can speed up the process of liberating you from the "ties that bind." You will be also given 6 ways of bringing new awareness to your relationships that are guaranteed to improve all of your relationships. Finally, we will end with mini-readings for the audience.

Maitra is a clairsentient psychic or Sensitive who has been teaching and doing readings for 30 years now. Her spiritual teacher was Baba Muktananda, to whom she gives credit for her clarity and openness of heart, through her meditation with him. Maitra had a radio show for several years called Psychic Insights where she honed her skills, especially the prophetic abilities. Based in Oregon, Maitra travels several months per year in the USA, Europe and Asia, speaking at spiritual gatherings, teaching seminars, doing workshops and doing private readings.

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