Being Present Before TV and the Altar
Kenny Johnson, Founder, This Sacred Space Foundation
Original Date: Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Kenny Johnson writes: Is there right way or wrong way to stay present? Is there a system that will guarantee that bliss will always be my friend? Some say that it is not good to watch TV. It is bad for the mind—you cannot find the Truth in a boob tube. Some say meditate on the names of God daily. Build an altar and put your focus on the images and you will be in the presence of God at all the times. But it is neither this nor that, for I found Truth in both places. While watching Television I was able to come face to face with this moment. Love burst forth and I realized a marvelous insight that brought on gratitude and laughter. Sitting in meditation in front of the altar, watching my thoughts, time disappeared, thoughts vanished and joy engulfed me, and this was Godliness. Yes, in both places, the TV and the Altar, there is was this that created both. I have come to follow this unknowable guide where ever it leads. For all we see is One. This I know to be True.

Kenny Johnson was an incarcerated prisoner for decades. But throughout his criminal career, he was primarily a prisoner of his own compulsive needs to take. Now he give help to those incarcerated in the prisons of their own making.

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