Creating a Sacred Space in Your Relationship
Kenny Johnson, author of the forthcoming The Last Hustle
Original Date: Thursday, July 7, 2011

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What is the use in being spiritual or religious unless we can establish a sacred quality in our most basic way of relating? From the male perspective, this talk will center on how to make a woman feel safe in relationship. The male role is creation of a sacred space for the female partner: that is paramount for her. Where does this first originate though? This will be the true exploration for us all. Then we can see how spiritual practice creates success in daily life. Beginning with the foundation of love in the coming together of male and female, we can proceed to the human foundation of loving as well. This will be a powerful talk that will definitely leave you laughing and excited to put these new tools to work immediately. Success is yours already, even if you do not make it to the event.

Kenny Johnson was an incarcerated prisoner for decades. But throughout his criminal career, he was primarily a prisoner of his own compulsive needs to take. Now with patience he gives help to those incarcerated in the prisons of their own making. He is the author of the forthcoming spiritual autobiography The Last Hustle.

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