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Lagrima Mei: The Visions and Sufferings of a Mystic
Dominic Schaner, theorbo/archlute/guitar, and Amy Michele White, voice
Original Date: Thursday, March 31, 2016

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Following the life of Teresa of �vila (1515-1582) as if on a pilgrimage, Lagrime Mie seeks to illuminate every room of her book The Interior Castle through music and poetry. Virtuosic instrumental pieces and dramatic songs explore themes of love, longing, and loss in both exuberant joy and lamenting melancholy. This music is interspersed with select writings of Teresa of �vila to provide a vantage point from which one may unveil a fleeting glimpse of her mystical vision or perhaps divine a wellspring unto her mysteries.

Spanning seven centuries of music, Lagrime Mie features cantata e ariette of Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677), seventeenth century French airs de cour, vihuela music from the Spanish Golden Age, ricercars of Francesco da Milano (1497-1543) and Melchior Neusidler (1531-1590), thirteenth century cantigas, and music for theorbo by Bellerofonte Castaldi (1580-1649) and Robert de VisZe (1655-1733), in addition to newly composed works.

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