Finding Light in Dark Times
James Dunn, Author of Finding Light in Dark Times
Original date: Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Find Light in Dark Times gives you philosophical and spiritual tools to help you grow from losses of all kinds. Treat adversity as a gift, as opportunity for spiritual deepening without religious overtones. If you have lost a spouse, friend or pet, this book will help. If you have lost your job, home, business or investments, you will benefit from these pages. The book explores the wrenching of love and romance with sensitivity and humor, then shows you how to open up to a hot, fulfilling relationship. The book gives profound insight into anger and depression, showing the path from darkness toward light, simplicity and graciousness.

James Dunn holds a master's degree in organizational psychology and bachelor's in writing, philosophy, psychology and mathematics. He has studied zen and Taoism, and meditated for more than 30 years, yet has no religious affiliation. Dunn's insights about transforming losses into spiritual gains come from tough personal experience of pain. He has lost many to death; friends and family have struggled with alcohol, drugs and illness. He has lost two marriages and suffered business and investment declines. Whatever the source of your personal darkness, Dunn can relate to you and point the way toward light.

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