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Living with Purpose, Passion and Joy on a Troubled Planet
Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph.D., author of Soul on Earth: A Guide to Living and Loving Your Human Life
Original Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Joy is necessary! And since each of us has a sacred purpose—yet encounters myriad inner and outer forces which can push us off-course—joy is also our best navigational aid. Joy comes to us quite easily when we are living from our deepest selves. Yet for most of us, it can feel like a struggle to get there! Come to this talk to learn powerful techniques for:

•Healing the wounds of childhood trauma
•Releasing or transforming whatever blocks your path to joy
•Accessing wise, compassionate inner guidance, and
•Fully aligning yourself with your soul-level blueprint - so you can create the relationships, work and life you most deeply want.

The great news is: these shifts are completely achievable. And the even greater news is that as we heal the grief, fear, self-doubt, alienation and misunderstanding that have separated us from ourselves, we not only enhance our own well-being, but create much-needed change on earth.

Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph.D., lives to love, learn and teach. Author of seven books, she has taught at six universities and has helped hundreds of individuals and couples grow, heal and create more joy. She is the originator of HeartMind Integration, a therapeutic approach blending shamanism, hypnotherapy and energy medicine. She also leads workshops and retreats on shamanic healing, channeling, conscious relationships, and catalyzing creativity. Her website is

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