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In Love With Everything, or Apophatic Mysticism:
The Benefits and Dangers of Love Without Reason

Raymond Sigrist
Original Date: Thursday, June 23, 2016

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Learn more about a mysticism that is already imprinted in your heart. Apophatic mysticism is an uncanny state of psychic integration resulting from the suspension of all mental estimates of the source, identity, meaning, purpose, or value of the world of phenomena. As a result of this surrender of ideation and preconception, one is able to transparently perceive and precisely respond to the compelling force and content of immediate experience. It is through this encounter with pure immediacy that one most fully engages the ecstatic mystical dynamic.

Raymond Sigrist is a home-schooled intentional practitioner of mysticism since 1984, an art through which a person can find a deep satisfaction in life when things go well and learn how to remain deeply satisfied when things go quite miserably. His practice includes being a catalyst for others on the mystical path, showing them how to realize the ecstatic root of mysticism without the need to rely on one designated teacher. He is particularly well-schooled in the "dark night of the soul" having realized how to use the opportunities and satisfaction that are available in that dysphoric condition. He is of the school "Everyone is already perfectly okay but can constantly deepen and lengthen that realization with mystical practice." Raymond has a blog on facebook entitled "Apophatic mysticism."

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