Love, Self-Love and the Body From the Perspective of Women's Spirituality
Sharon Maser Danaceau, M.A. Women's Spirituality
Original Date: Thursday, November 10, 7:30 pm

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Love is the absolute essence of Spirit, and spirituality, yet is rarely addressed directly by most teachers. Love is the thing we need to develop if we want to find the happiness that is possible for us. This talk will address the nature of love, its growth and its relationship to the body. We will reference some spiritual teachers, such as Christ, Buddha, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Muller, and Thich Nhat Han, and the author will present her own thoughts. What can we do? Shall we do? What does love have to do with it? In this challenging time we must find the things that make a difference and be strong in the ways that will truly change the world, both as individuals and communities, in a beneficial way. Hear some new ideas and share some of your own.

Sharon Maser Danaceau has a Master's in Women's Spirituality, and is the founder and director of the non-profit Women's School of Healing Arts and Sciences. She is a teacher of transformational and women's empowerment workshops. She has been a student of anthropology, biology, education and spirituality in many forms. She has had life-changing spiritual experiences out of which she speaks. She is an activist as well as teacher; her present focus is bringing healing and beneficial growth to individuals and enabling groups to easily and simply make decisions about the many issues they need to address. She is the author of a spiritual coloring book, and an unpublished manuscript called the Heart of the Feminine.

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