Magicians Shamans Witches and Healers
Mark Frost, Author of Thought Reality, a new Seth book
Original date: Thursday, May 14, 2009

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In his new book Thought Reality, Seth describes a growing perception among the advocates for humanity and Mother Earth, that the time is NOW and anything is quite possible. He encourages his students, old and new, to continue the search for the Positive Manifestation, both in the personal and collective reality fields. "Wherever you look you create realities there with your powerful imaginations." In this talk, we will present some of Seth's techniques for creating improved realities in matters of health, finances, and spiritual understanding.

Mark Allen Frost, M.S., is the owner of Seth Returns, the publishers of the new Seth books. He is the author of 911: The Unknown Reality of the World, co-authored by Cas Smith, as well as The Next Chapter in the Evolution of the Soul and Thought Reality. Since 2002 Mark has been working with Seth to create books and to provide clients with consultation services. He lives in Lake County California; he can be reached through his website

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