Making Wise Decisions: Using the I Ching to Cultivate Wisdom
Charles Tack, I Ching Coach
Original Date: Thursday, August 16, 7:30 pm

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Wise decisions emanate from access to inner wisdom. Inner wisdom emanates from inner calm. Inner calm is the result of detaching from the outcome. But when results matter, we often cannot calm ourselves to access inner wisdom. Our decisions default to what we've done in similar circumstances, which results in familiar outcomes. Though there's nothing wrong with default decisions and ordinary outcomes. Indeed these make up the bulk of our choices and are necessary to maintain our daily routine. But in circumstances when wise decisions are critical—or our familiar patterns obviously no longer work—the inner calm we need to access deeper knowing is often unavailable. It is at these junctures in our lives that a dialogue with a wise old soul can help us see our circumstances with an unbiased eye, a compassionate heart and a street-smart gut instinct. In these circumstances, the Chinese book of wisdom, the I Ching, can offer its discerning perspective. Come join us for a dialogue with the wise old soul at the center of this ancient text.

Charles Tack began using the I Ching in 1987. He uses the I Ching to assist clients through life transitions and access their own inner wisdom. He's been coaching to individuals and consulting in business for over thirty years.

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