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Maturing in Wisdom and Grace:
Spirituality for the Second Half of Life

Original Date: Friday, January 23, 2015

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This workshop is for men and women to share good company with other maturing pilgrims on the Way, as we look at issues that are important to each of us. Short teaching talks by Regina and Angelon will be integrated with guided meditation; music, poetry, singing and chant; journal writing; gentle movement and group sharing. Topics of exploration include:

* First-half spirituality as distinct from Second-half
* The shift from growing older to maturing in wisdom and grace
* The 4 Stages of Life, from the Vedic perspective
* The Divine Path of Growing Old (Lee Lozowick)
* Dream life in the Second half
* Grandparenting, for all
* Revisiting aims; clarifying purpose; celebrating what is!
* The wisdom of the maturing body

REGINA SARA RYAN is a professional writer, editor and writing coach. She is the author of numerous books, including: The Woman Awake, Feminine Wisdom for Spiritual Life; Praying Dangerously, and Igniting the Inner Life; and co-author of the Wellness Workbook, a classic in the field of holistic health. Regina has studied contemplation and mysticism for over forty years, has travelled in India for spiritual practice and research, and since 1980 has worked in retreat settings in the U.S., Mexico and Europe conducting workshops for women and men. She lives in Paulden, Arizona, U.S.A. where she works as the managing editor for a small press, and serves as a retreat director at a small desert retreat center. She is a longtime devotee of the American Baul master Lee Lozowick and lives in Paulden, Arizona with her husband of forty-two years, and a community of dedicated practitioners.

MARI ANGELON YOUNG is a writer, adventurer, grandmother, and longtime student of the transformational path. She is the author of numerous books including an indepth biography of the renowned south Indian saint, titled Yogi Ramsuratkumar—Under the Punnai Tree, as well as As It Is: A Year on the Road with a Tantric Teacher, and Spiritual Slavery, a biography of her spiritual teacher, Lee Lozowick. Since 1990 Angelon traveled extensively with her teacher, exploring spiritual traditions in India and Europe; she continues to travel and write while living at Triveni Ashram in the desert mountains of northern Arizona. She holds a master's degree in transpersonal psychology, has taught Jungian and archetypal studies at private colleges in the Southwest, and was the editor of Tawagoto, a quarterly journal of spirituality and personal transformation, for twenty-five years. She currently enjoys leading workshops in the U.S. and Europe in the bhakti and tantric traditions of India, dream yoga, writing as a spiritual practice, and the art of growing wise with dignity, empowerment, and grace.

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