Meetings With Remarkable Women
Regina Sara Ryan, Author of The Woman Awake and 7 other book
Original Date: Thursday, May 3, 7:30 pm

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One of the most inspiring sources of deeper commitment to spiritual life is the powerful influence of other dedicated pilgrims—women and men with the same struggles and the same desires as ours; wayfarers who live in our own city, as well as great mystics, saints, activists and sages from ages past, from all the world's great spiritual traditions. Join us for this talk in advance of a weekend seminar designed to inspire participants with the grace and power of the Divine Feminine as She has revealed Herself in deities, great women and men of spirit, friends, mentors and teachers, and within our own hearts. Meet or reacquaint yourself with the lives and teachings of awakened women from both Eastern and Western spiritual paths: Tara, Mother of Compassion; Hildegard of Bingen, Rhineland saint; 14th century Hindu poetess Mirabai; 9th century Sufi mystic Rabia; contemporary Sufi teacher Irina Tweedie; French mystic Simone Weil; Dutch writer Etty Hillesum; German mystic and healer Dina Rees; Zen teacher and anthropologist Joan Halifax; artist Meinrad Craighead; grief pioneer Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross; and more.

Regina Sara Ryan has studied mysticism and contemplation since 1971. She is the author of The Woman Awake: Feminine Wisdom for Spiritual Life (1998), Praying Dangerously(Radical Reliance on God (2001), Igniting the Inner Fire (2010), and five other books. Regina draws on her background as a former Catholic nun, and her twenty-six-year apprenticeship to the Western Baul Master, Lee Lozowick, in her work. Over the past eighteen years she has presented this program for men and women in numerous cities in the U.S., Mexico, France and Germany.

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