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Meetings with the Sea
Pamela Stone Singer, author Words from the Pelicans
Original Date: Thursday, August 25, 2016

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How do you feel about the sea, the colors, quiet and tranquility that being on the coast brings to our souls? All people deserve the right to freely access the nourishing qualities that sea, sand, and sky bring. Our spirits, along with our mental and physical well-being need this connection. However, the Sonoma coast is under threat from weakened legislation, the wine industry, real estate developers and oil and gas companies. These projects don't take into account the sensitive nature of the coastal environment. There are also plans to collect fees for visiting coastal areas such as Bodega Head and Goat Rock. This would highly impact the ability of many people to visit the areas that bring joy and solace. Pamela hopes that by listening to the poems in Words from the Pelicans, you will experience the transformative quality of the sea and learn what you can do to help keep the Sonoma coast wild.

Pamela Stone Singer is a poet/teacher with California Poets in the Schools and a coach for the nationwide contest for high school students, Poetry Out Loud. She reads locally and has been nominated for numerous awards including a Pushcart Prize. Pamela studied with the great beat poet, Diane diPrima, and with a Mazatec elder.

"Pamela's poetry is a sublime evocation of the Sonoma coast. She writes with quietude and knowledge. Her work is simply beautiful." Maketa Groves Smith, author Class Act.

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