Memory, Dream, and the Poem
Centa Theresa, Poet/Potter/Printmaker
Original Date: Thursday, September 6, 7:30 pm

Download MP3 Audio File Here (12.5 MB)

Centa Theresa writes: "As a poet who tends, at times, toward the surreal, I am drawn to working with materials I can relate with physically. As an artist, I attempt to create visual poetry—work that has movement, breath, metaphor, layering, and mystery. Elements become artifacts of self, and intermediaries in an environment I invent. Through the unearthing of a personal mythology revealed in dream, or an object that suddenly peels back a layer into something else, I cull the symbols that make up my image vocabulary." For this event Centa Theresa will share a few thoughts on poetry as a form of active meditation in which metaphor serves as a conduit through which the liminal comes to the surface to help make meaning of daily experience. She will spend about 20-30 minutes reading poems from dream.

Centa Theresa is an interdisciplinary poet-potter-printmaker. Her poems have appeared in (audio collages), Meridian Journal of Contemporary Poetry, Pisgah Review, Harpur Palate, Hurricane Review, Eclipse, DrumVoices Revue, Tiny Lights, amongst others. Her second collection, Bright Lettered Sky, has not yet found a publisher. She has exhibited her mixed media work in the SF Bay Area.

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