Messages from the Archangels via Lasha Q'ale (White Moon)
Trina Vega (Lasha Q'ale), Native American Healer
Original Date: Thursday, September 13, 7:30 pm

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Our speaker writes: Hello Healers, My name is Trina M. Vega, (Lasha Q'ale) Native name, meaning White Moon. I am a Native American healer practicing many diverse methods of healing that I use on a daily basis. The choice of healing is based upon each person's unique energy and needs. The evening of September 13, 2012 I will be linking with Archangel energy, and will not only be gifting messages but giving names of personal Archangels to those who are open to receiving. I am honored to give readings and messages from the Archangels on September 13, 2012 at my favorite location (Many Rivers). I have experienced Angels and visions of Angels throughout my life. I receive daily messages from them. They are with everyone, and the more you know about Angels the more you will hear and see their messages. I will be giving messages from the Archangels to the audience, and I hear that Archangel Raphael will also be present to those healing their bodies. I hear there will be three individuals present needing and wanting the assistance of Archangel Raphael. I am joyful and honored to present these messages. I look forward to this special evening that I will be sharing with you. Blessings!

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