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How Mystical Experiments Can Open the Heart and Mind
Rob Schmidt, Ph.D., Mystical Positivist Radio Show Co-host
Original Date: Thursday, September 7, 2017

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Mysticism feels exotic to most people. Mysticism directs attention towards the non-material, or as the Buddha put it, toward the unborn and the deathless. It rejects obsession about things, and concerns about material gain and loss. So it is easy to dismiss mysticism as woo-hoo, or simply imagine that it is relevant only to rare virtuous people remote in time or in a distant land. Yet by its nature, the mystical enterprise—if we may call it that-is as immediate as the body's breath in this moment. It is always possible to test via experiments what mysticism might really mean, because as Buckaroo Banzai says, wherever we go, there we are. Mystical experiments do not require sitting meditation for thirty years, although spiritual practices can help us discern the sometimes subtle results of our experiments. Fundamentally, mystical experiments are all about where, how and why we focus our attention. Join us for a discussion and practice of mystical experiments.

Rob Schmidt, Ph.D., has practiced and taught for nearly 40 years in the Tayu spiritual tradition that his teacher liked to describe as "Cowboy Zen". He practiced and taught anthropological archaeology at UC Berkeley. He is a co-host for The Mystical Positivist Radio Show, and helped found Many Rivers Books & Tea.

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