Mystical Experience in Everyday Life
Dwight Sims, Explorer of Mysticism
Original date: Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Mystical experiences are an ordinary part of our daily life. They arise as positive feeling states (wonder, awe, love, joy) that are misleadingly thought of as emotions. Mostly we don't notice them or recognize them for what they are, but if we look closely at the nature of mystical experiences and distinguish them from the emotional life of the ego or embodied self, we can begin to identify and cultivate them. Through some simple experiential exercises we will explore these states as they arise, notice their qualities, how they are related to the emotions, and how they can become a part of your spiritual practice.

Dwight Sims has given talks at Many Rivers on Voluntary Simplicity, Exploring the Tao and has led a Tao Te Ching reading group. When he was young he had some profound mystical experiences that formed the foundation of his spiritual life and that have taken a lifetime to begin to deeply understand.

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