Mystics in Our Midst
Laura Duggan, Author of Inquiring Life: Weekly Contemplations
Original date: Thursday, August 7, 2008

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In the 13th and 14th centuries, mystics such as Rumi and Hafiz freely entered the inner realms and described what they saw. There have been Christian, Jewish and Buddhist mystics as well. What about now, in the 21st century? Is it still possible to be a mystic? What does it look like to be such a mad lover of God? How does one live in the world? Join us on an exploration of the path of mysticism, the quest for the direct union of the human soul with Divinity. The evening will include time for meditation and listening to the poetry of the mystics.

Laura Duggan is an avid meditator and champion of a contemplative life, and author of a new book, An Inquiring Life: Weekly Contemplations, which contains 52 contemplations drawn from contemporary and ancient mystics of all traditions. She directs the Freestone Retreat Center.

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