Palmistry for Fun and Prophet
Kooch Daniels, Author of The Art and Magic of Palmistry
Original Date: Thursday, April 26, 7:30 pm

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Conventional palmistry is a combination of two techniques: chirognomy, the study of the form and outer appearance of a hand; and chiromancy, the analysis of the lines and marks in the palm. This workshop provides a practical foundation of hand reading skills in relation to these two separate studies. More than a talk on "how to read the hand", our main focus will be studying the symbols we find in our palms. Just as we learn to read and interpret symbols on astrology charts or in tarot cards, in palmistry we must also find and interpret various symbols. Using hands of willing class participants, we'll explore palmistry symbols and interpret their potential meanings. This is a show and tell class and your questions about your hands will help guide our discussion.

Kooch N. Daniels is a professional intuitive living in the San Francisco Bay area. Kooch studied palmistry with the metaphysical group NROOG that laid the groundwork for developing her divinatory skills. Her interest in esoteric traditions motivated her to travel to India to study palmistry. She studied eastern mysticism with many teachers, most significantly Harish Johari and Sri Mata Amritanandamayi. Besides her own The Art and Magic of Palmistry, her writing includes books co-authored with her husband Victor including Tarot D' Amour (2003) and Matrix Meditations (2009), the text for Tarot Reports (1987), a computerized tarot program that interprets card spreads for individual readings, and her newest book, an occult, romantic novel called The Theater of Karma (2012).

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