The Paradox of Relationships
Auriela McCarthy, Author of The Power of the Possible
Original Date: Thursday, November 4, 2010

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You've all heard this. "If you want to be happy you must stop being right." Some of you cringe just hearing the phrase. Because—how do you do it? How do you stop being right when your entire being screams you are? Join us for a fascinating discussion of the Paradox of Relationships as once again Auriela McCarthy challenges your thinking, turning most of what you believed to be true upside down. How do you get the one you love to actually hear you? How do you get them to understand? And how do you handle the approaching Holidays when once again you may be getting together with people you'd rather avoid? Come with your questions and get ready to discover the secret that has been hidden in plain sight all our lives.

Auriela McCarthy, an Award-Winning author of The Power of the Possible, brings a particular, unique blend of clarity and compassion into every interaction. People who have worked with Auriela often experience profound energetic shifts. These imperceptible changes happen at the core level of being. She teaches workshops and does individual counseling in Santa Rosa and Northern Marin. Check out her website at, or email

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