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Passage to Persia:
writings of an American doctor during her life in Iran: 1929-1957

Margaret Frame, Author of Passage to Persia
Original Date: Thursday, November 9, 2017

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After the death of Adelaide Kibbe in 1986, copies of all her letters, diaries, and mission reports written during her years in Iran were found by her daughter Margaret Frame. From these comesPassage to Persia a collection that distills a piece of history through one woman's eyes. About this collection, Margarete Frame says: "In reading them for the first time, I realized that they should to be published, especially now with the limited view of Iran available to the public. Writing Passion to Persia provided the opportunity to share Adelaide Kibbe's keen observations of life around her during a time of great change in Iran, as well as her favorite poems. As I put the book together I found a poem that reflected the theme of the various chapters, which I included at the end of each. I will be reading excerpts which illustrate her writing skills and the poem that I felt reflected that time of her life. Some of the poems are unpublished and others maybe not well known."

Margaret Frame lived the first 15 years of her life primarily in Iran, the daughter of medical missionaries. Her early years were spent in Resht, a city on the Caspian Sea, later living in Teheran during school months attending an International school. Upon her parents retirement in 1957 her family moved to Oakland, CA, where she graduated from Oakland Technical HS, much larger than Community School in Teheran, though not as diverse. Eventually she ended up in Hawaii for college, married and raised a family there. In 1999 she had the opportunity to join the Peace Corps and spent the next two years in Morocco as part of a library improvement program. In the next phase of her life was lived in New Jersey while working as a librarian at Historical and Public libraries. In 2012 she retired and moved to Panama for 15 months where she was able to finish writing and publishing the book about her mother's life in Iran. She is now settled in Sebastopol and attends the Appleseed Friends Meeting.

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