January 2010 Tea Tasting Event
The Teas of David Hoffman's Phoenix Collection
Original date: Saturday, January 23, 2010

Download MP3 Audio File Here (13.1 MB)

David Hoffman is back! The subject of the famous Les Blank documentary All In This Tea sold his well-known tea-importing company Silk Road Teas half a decade ago, but he has now returned to tea-selling with his new company The Phoenix Collection. In that film, the audience gets a sense of David's remarkable sensitivity of nose and palate in selecting the purest, most wholesome, organically-grown leaves. David stopped by Many Rivers in early December to show us some of his new teas, and they exhibit the remarkable quality we expect from any tea David brings us. Join us for a tasting of teas exclusively from The Phoenix Collection, and discover why we celebrate David Hoffman's return as an importer of fine Chinese teas.

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