Poetry Reading: A Bay Area Family of Poets
Poets Kim Shuck and Bill Vartnaw
Original Date: Thursday, April 19, 7:30 pm

Download MP3 Audio File Here (13.4 MB)

Carol Lee Sanchez, Paula Gunn Allen and Lee Francis, sibling poets of mostly Laguna Pueblo and Lebanese ancestry, quietly changed the Bay Area, national and even international poetry scenes. They are all ancestors now. Poets Kim Shuck and Bill Vartnaw both were fortunate to know this family of poets. As part of this "Poetry Month" celebration, they will talk about what this family of poets accomplished, and will mostly read from their works. Shuck and Vartnaw will also read a bit from their own poetry.

Kim Shuck is a poet, weaver, educator, doer of piles of laundry, planter of seeds, traveler and child wrangler. She was born in her mother's hometown of San Francisco, one hill away from where she now lives. Her ancestors were and are Tsalagi, Sauk and Fox and Polish, for the most part. She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in weaving in 1998 from San Francisco State University. Find her work at www.kimshuck.com. Bill Vartnaw is presently poet laureate of Sonoma County. He can be found at Red Room online.

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