The Power of Being Present
Jim Dreaver, Author of End Your Story, Begin Your Life
Original date: Thursday, June 11, 2009

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You have the power to create your own experience of reality. Why create conflict, self-doubt, and suffering when you can have the ongoing experience of peace, harmony, and freedom? The freer you are, the easier it is to successfully navigate the marketplace of daily life without stress. This includes the dance of relationships, the reality of work and money, the fun of creativity, and the joy of achieving your goals and dreams. First, though, it is vital to understand one truth: fear, anxiety, anger, and other emotional upsets in your body always stem from "believing" a story. And your story is ever changing, yet you, as the pure awareness or witnessing presence that creates the stories, are always here. To realize this is freedom. Emotional tension dissolves and you feel relaxed, at peace, one with the flow of life. Amazing!

A native of New Zealand, Jim Dreaver studied with European Advaita master Jean Klein. He has taught at many venues, most recently at Esalen Institute. He is also the author of The Way of Harmony (Avon, 1999) and The Ultimate Cure (Llewellyn, 1995), two earlier books about awakening to the power within us.

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