The Power of the Possible
Ariela McCarthy, Author and Spiritual Teacher
Original date: Thursday, January 29, 2009

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The Power of the Possible is a book of hope and inspiration. It uses the tradition of story-telling as a way to heal the pain of the heart. It speaks of ordinary people creating extraordinary changes, and of people hitting bottom and shedding their past—and their pain. Yet their triumph is not of will but of surrender. These stories and the teachings that follow them will bring tears to your eyes and astonish you with their miraculous, unexpected endings. And they will change you in profound ways as you realize that each story is a story about you. You will discover: Why no change can happen without forgiveness happening first; Why powerlessness can be the most powerful state; Why it really doesn't matter whether or not you are right; Why soul-mates are made, not met; And ultimately you'll discover why Nothing changes until we do.

Auriela McCarthy has been helping people with their life and relationships issues for 15 years. After a spiritual awakening followed by 20 years of internal reflection and deep immersion into metaphysics, she emerged as a spiritual teacher with a clear message of hope, compassion and understanding.

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