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Pushing Upward: Not a Bra, It's a State of Mind
Andrea Adler, Author of the transformational novel Pushing Upward
Original Date: Thursday, February 25, 2016

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This fascinating roman � clef takes us through one epic year in the life of 21-year-old Sandra Billings. While trying to eke out a living as an actress in L.A., she discovers the I Ching, the ancient Chinese oracle; and uses it as her GPS to navigate a torrid love affair, battle with demons of the past, and search for meaning and truth. Pushing Upward strikes a chord with a broad audience. For the elderly it confirms their usefulness, reminding us of their importance and wisdom. For people in their thirties, forties, and fifties, Pushing Upward becomes a reminder and a catalyst for processing their young adult experiences. For teens and twenty-year olds who strive for independence; trying to digest their lives at full throttle, battling to maintain a sense of peace in the midst of mayhem, Pushing Upward may very well become—a powerful mirror.

Andrea Adler has studied meditation for 40 years, living in ashrams and meditation centers in India, Paris, New York, and California. A Broadway actress, a transformational speaker, an author, a savvy businesswoman and an ardent practitioner of meditation, Andrea continues to offer her gifts as she presents her new workshop: "Pushing Upward Into Your Best Life."

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