Putting Daoyin in Your Practice
David Parker, Taijiquan and Qi Cultivation Teacher
Original Date: Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Daoyin is a traditional Chinese term for what is now generally called Qigong exercise. Translated as "guiding and leading" it refers not to the exercises themselves, but to what you are doing physically inside your body to make your qi move. This physical movement is often very small, invisible to the outside eye and yet very real and produces tangible results. Nowadays many people know about qigong, but fewer know about daoyin. Daoyin is simple and natural, and while a part of qi practices, it can also be added to other types of exercise and meditation. We will discuss the origin of the concept of daoyin and look at it as a part of traditional Chinese culture, but mostly we will practice 2 or 3 examples of daoyin so everyone can feel it in their bodies and have something to take home with them.

David Parker has studied Chinese medicine and energy arts since 1988 with western and Chinese instructors. He has a private bodywork practice in Sebastopol and teaches classes in Qi Cultivation and Taijiquan.

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