Realms—An Evening of Poetry
Karl Frederick and Jim Wilson, Poets
Original date: Thursday, September 10, 2009

Download MP3 Audio File Here (12.9 MB)

Poetry can take us to many realms; other places, other views, other understandings. Two local poets, Karl Frederick and Jim Wilson, will share poems, both their own and favorites they have found, exploring the many realms and lands of poetry.

Jim Wilson is a local poet whose main focus has been on Japanese based forms such as Renga and Tanka. He published the first English language magazine devoted to Renga. Recently he has been exploring Chinese poetry and its possibilities in English. Karl Frederick is one of many non-local phenomena appearing to each other as Sebastopol residents. He hasn't the faintest idea who's writing his poems. He prefers English, though often lapses into Inspired Gibberish. Disclaimer: His altered states are contagious.

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