The Red Thread: Passion and Spiritual Life
Jisho Warner, Head Teacher at Stone Creek Zen Center
Original date: Thursday, May 20, 2010

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Passionate emotions and sexuality are so arousing. What kind of place do they have in spiritual life? The road of clarity and peace is littered with broken-down ideals, while paths of purity and rapture disappear into tangles of underbrush. Jisho will offer her perspective as a Zen Buddhist priest and will lead a discussion about feeling, emotion, desire, and spiritual practice. she has long experience in her life in Zen with cutting through and getting caught in these brambly thickets.

Jisho Warner is a Soto Zen priest and has been the head teacher at West County's Stone Creek Zen Center since 1996. She has extensive experience practicing Zen alone and in a throng, in monasteries and at home, overwrought and completely quiet, leaping up and falling flat.

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