The Utility of Humility and Its Obverse
Robert A. Schmidt, Ph.D., Tayu Meditation Teacher
Original Date: Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Humility is recommended by saints and the wise as the antidote to pride. In its ubiquity, even among the faint and the wounded, pride is no trivial obstacle to inner peace, for it is the particle pretending to be the whole. The crowing of the cock on his reeking dunghill is a metaphor for the pathetic, overweening pride of ego, puffing itself up to pretend that God/the Universe will bend over and submit. As Milton wrote about the sin of Lucifer, pride is the refusal to surrender to God. But how to achieve the antidote of true humility? Is humility simply a negation of ego’s pride? Must humility be weak in contrast to swaggering pride? Or could humility be an affirmation of a selfless certainty emanating from the educated, higher heart? When pride need no longer defend itself, should we call it pride still, or something else again? Join us for an examination of the utility of humility, and its obverse.

Robert A. Schmidt, Ph.D., has practiced to embody and teach Tayu meditation since 1977. He received apprentice and master-level training in the alchemical transformation of human consciousness from Tayu Meditation Center founder Robert Daniel Ennis.

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